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Zenith Model 7S 529

I only have a few more of these art deco period table top radios to sell.  This Zenith Model 7S 529 recently sold on eBay for $335.

IMG_4681 IMG_4680 IMG_4678 IMG_4677

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Radio Receptor Company Model 6B

I can’t find any information about this microphone on the internet — I believe it is from the late 1920’s or early 1930’s.  The label says “Radio Receptor Co. Model 6B Ser. 850” and it is currently available on eBay!

IMG_4712 IMG_4711



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RCA Model MI-6207 G Aeropressure

This interesting looking microphone almost looks like a pet dog or cat returning from the vet wearing the “cone of shame” — however there was nothing shameful about using one back in the day in a radio station or an amateur operator.  I recently sold this microphone on eBay for $102.  This link is a great resource for more information about this item:

IMG_4672 IMG_4669 IMG_4667 IMG_4666

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Sparton Model 566 “Bluebird”

Designed by the “Dean of Industrial Design” Walter Dorwin Teague, the Sparton Model 566 “Bluebird” radio has become a highly coveted item among both Art Deco and antique radio collectors.  The glass mirror
item was one of a group of Sparton sets released in 1936, and is universally recognized as one of the true masterpieces of the 1930s Art
 Deco radio movement.  This radio was one of my father’s most prized possessions, and is being relocated to a good home where it will be treasured and appreciated — it recently sold on eBay for $3,800.

image image image

it works!

566adg 566adde

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Electro-Voice Carbon Button Microphone (AKA “The Staff of Ra”)

This 1920’s era Electro-Voice ring-mount carbon microphone looks a lot like the classic model 100-D, though it is not marked on the body as I have seen in other photos online.  Anyone know exactly what it is?  I’ve been calling it “The Staff of Ra” — with the stand it weighs almost 20 pounds, and when I move it around (especially in the kids’ messy playroom) I feel like I’m about to pinpoint the location of the Well of Souls.  But that’s just because I love Raiders of the Lost Ark, and has nothing to do with the microphone.

Update: this item sold on eBay for $389.00

photo(8) photo(7) photo(6) photo(5) photo(4) photo(3) photo(2) photo(1) photostaff-of-ra


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Electro-Voice Model 655

The candlestick style of the Electro-Voice model 655 was popular among broadcasters in front of the camera.  You can almost see Bob Barker using one to host The Price Is Right, though I believe he used a Sennheiser.  The item shown below sold on eBay for $104.06.

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Shure Model EM10A

I’ve already had a Star Wars moment on this blog, but with the recent departure of conceptual artist Ralph McQuarrie, I’ve been seeing more than my fair share of awesome Star Wars imagery on the Internets lately.  Maybe this is why the Shure push-to-talk micrphone Model EM10A (distributed by General Electric) reminds me of the notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett?  It recently sold on eBay for $22.72.

art by Dan LuVisi

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